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Here at Clear Flow Charging, We provide A Bespoke Package

Clear Flow Charging specialises in the sale of electric vehicle charging points delivered to your home or workplace at no extra cost.

Clear Flow Charging will install your charger aiming to make your experience as hassle free as possible. Taking care of our customers is our priority, delivering a complete service.

When serving businesses in all industries, Clear Flow Charging will tailor your charging facilities to suit your needs, making it a bespoke service.

Electric Car Charging

In order for us to fit your charging point, there are just a few small requirements

A dedicated off-road parking space.

The property owner's permission.

A working Wi-Fi connection or a SIM router.

A working Wi-Fi connection or a SIM router.

If your property is listed then planning permission will be needed (we can help you with this)

If your property is listed then planning permission will be needed (we can help you with this)

Intended charger location 10m away from your power supply or fuse box. (greater distances will be quoted)

Choose Us?

We have carefully considered and selected only the very best components, to ensure optimum performance and the highest possible quality product. The state-of-the-art charging points come with Wi-Fi and phone connectivity built-in as standard, ensuring that you get the best possible experience with every use, and they are fully compliant with the 18th edition of I.E.T regulations.

Electric Car Charging

What will your installation include?

Your new charging unit will be carefully installed to a permanent structure such as an outer wall of your home.

If a permanent structure is not available, you may choose to select a free-standing pedestal and purchase it from our website.

We will also provide you with a premium quality electrical cable that will be fitted from your electrical supply or fuse box to your brand-new electric charging point, and neatly attach it almost unnoticeably to your wall.

A certified document/ electrical certificate that demonstrates your installation meets the 18th edition of the I.E.T wiring regulations and if necessary, a list of any extra work that has been carried out.

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