electric car products

Car Charging Equipment

At Clear Flow Charging, we have a range of car charging products that we can deliver and install across the UK.

electric car products
electric car products
electric car products

Quality Car Charging Equipment

Home Charging Point

Home charging points, that are professionally fitted, can provide a safe place for your electrical vehicle to be charged, in the time available. You will also be playing a role to a more carbon neutral country.

Call us today to see how we can help supply you with a cost-effective, professionally installed, home charging point. 

Commercial Charging Point

Charging facilities are now commonly being introduced to places such as the work environment and places such as hotels, leisure centres, Cinemas, restaurants and many other destinations. Time spent at these locations are normally longer than a brief stop sparing time to charge vehicles. If we can help you with planning an ev installation for your workplace contact us and we will call you to discuss all options to suit your needs? 

Faster charging times

Neater-looking alternative charging solution

A safer way to charge your vehicle

Prevents damage to your vehicle's battery with a high-quality charger.

electric car products

Whether you choose home charging, commercial charging or charging accessories, you can be assured that all of our car charging equipment is of a very high standard.

ICS charging point

Supplying and fitting electrical vehicle charging equipment across the UK